Britt Buntain Picot Collective


Picot Collective ( pee-koe) started as a little shop in Fernwood in 2015 as a way to highlight and support the makers community in Victoria BC. In the early days, we sold a curation of handmade textiles, ceramics, natural skincare, jewelry, teas, art, and hosted art openings for our wall of rotating features.

In the early days, I realized that I wanted something amongst these locally made products that was our own and I thought that it would be an easy reminder for people to come back to our shop. So we created the "Honey Tobacco" scent for a line of candles, and then shortly afterwards we had customers telling us that they loved it so much they would rub the wax on their skin and wear it as a personal fragrance. No-brainer: a roll on was next, then the mist and body butter. Within two years of business, I watched our products grow in demand and made the difficult decision to pivot my business model. In the summer of 2017, I moved entirely online and opened our products up for wholesale to other shops across Canada. Earlier in the year, I had been diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Hashimoto's and the stress of running my shop was having really negative effects on my health. Finding this out about myself is the reason that we continue to create products for comfort and care, because it's ultimately what I needed and I figured I couldn't be the only one seeking these goods out. Moving solely online was an extremely difficult choice for me, and I still dream of opening another shop someday, but the current model has helped me develop a true balance with work and my personal wellness.

I was still hand-packing and shipping every single online order up until September of 2020 when we shifted our order fulfilment to a warehouse in Vancouver, and my business partner / manufacturer Jennifer bought her dream home on Pender Island and moved our manufacturing over with her. We will continue to introduce new scents and products as we think they make a good fit, but our motto will always be to keep things simple. 

in 2019, I reached out to Registered Holistic Nutritionist Kare Gnat to ask if she would be interested in collaborating with us by providing monthly recipes and what has grown out of that is a close friendship and even more devotion to the wellness behind the Picot brand. We worked together to create the first Community Cookbook in Summer of 2020 as a means of sharing food and giving back to local communities. 


The "collective" of this business remains in practice when we host seasonal markets and collaborate with local makers to create ceramics, teas and blankets for us.

As for the name:
Picot is my grandmother Marion's family name. It's also known as a small loop or series of small loops of twisted thread in lace or embroidery, typically decorating the border of a fabric. Both my mother and grandmother love to knit, and naming my business after her represents a familiarity, an honouring, and a way of coming together again. 

Marion passed away from Alzheimers in November 2020, and her name for my business will always keep her spirit alive through sharing a love for comforting, handmade goods and delicious, nourishing recipes.

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love, britt